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Akaroa from Hilltop.
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Akaroa Township.
Postcard sent 1907

Bullock Team, Akaroa

Akaroa's industries have included timber milling, the export of cocksfoot grass seed, fishing, dairying and cheese making, sheep farming, and always tourism.
Three successive waves of Maori have inhabited the Akaroa area since their arrival in NZ: the Waitaha, the Kati Mamoe and then from the early 17th century, the Ngai Tahu.

Postcard sent 1919

Cars at the "Willows".

Admiral Lavaud's House

South Akaroa
Postcard sent 1913

Government Hill, Akaroa.

Akaroa Wharf
Postcard sent 1909

Brasenose, Akaroa, under snow.

Akaroa Lighthouse and North Head

Postcard sent 1907

View from Pavilion, Akaroa.

Hospital, Akaroa.

Waterfall, Akaroa.
Postcard sent 1916.

These three postcards kindly contributed by Lyall Mitchell

Postcard sent 1909.

Coach arriving in Akaroa.

Beach Road, Akaroa.

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Postcard sent 1916.

West End - note church in foreground.

Balgueri St.,(actually Rue Balguerie) Akaroa.

Akaroa  Domain.

Lavaud St., Akaroa.

Lavaud St., Akaroa.

The Mail Coach at Mrs. Brookes, The Willows, Akaroa

Feb 1916 Akaroa Mail
Obituary of W Fergus - who previously had the boarding house "the Willows".

1914 Akaroa Mail
Mr and Mrs A H McIntosh of "The Willows" return from a long holiday in the North Island.

John Reed Dec 2012
The Williows is the old Henry McIntosh farm now owned by
one of his his descendants, Ginny. Occassionally used for weddings.
This "Willows" is in Little Akaloa and not to be confused with the one pictured above in Akaroa.