Simon                                   m.                                        Tabitha Corben

                                  d. 1773                                                                                        d. 1810

                            I                                                                                                                I                                  I                              I                               I
                      Simon                                                                                                   Stephen                     Abitha                   Fanny                     Mary
                       1765                                                                                                         1767                  b. 2 Oct 1767        10 Oct 1771         12 Mar 1773
                                                                                                                                                                  c. 8 Oct 1767
                    d. 1803                                                                                                     d. 1828

              m. 24 Jul 1791                                                                                         m.                               m.                           m.                         m.
          St Mary's Portsea
             Elizabeth Hale                                                                                          Mary Evans         Robert Kellock    Joshua Bundy   Henry Stevens
                    d. 1838                                                                                                     d. 1854

            I                         I                          I                              I                            I
     William           Stephen            George       Elizabeth  Kellock        Mary
       1792                 1795           25 Jun 1797         30 Mar 1800       17 Oct 1802
    d. 1865       d. 3 Sep 1842        d. 1800

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                                                          William        m.       Alice
                                                                                    I         d. 1574
              I                                                                                                                                                                    I      
       Thomas                                                                                                                                                      Simon
        d.1591                                                                                                                                                       d. 1595
    m. Christian                                                                                                                                                m. Alice
       d. 1583                             Nicholas Wilkines m. Agnis Heriat                                                           d.1575
              I                                                             6 Jul 1562                                                                                   I
            _I_______________________________I_______________________________                      I____________________
           I                               I                            I            I                                                                     I                               I                                   I
      Edith                       Alice                 William      I                                                             Elizabeth                 John                        Thomas
  m. 19 Sep                m.                       m. 15 Jan   I____________________                m. 7 May                d.1571                      m. 12 Oct
       1588                                                   1589         I                     I                       I                   1593                                                           1598
William Bishop     Nicholas Mist       Agnes Wilkens      Thomas            Jone            Richard                                                     Dorothy
                                                                   25 May 1571     13 Feb 1565  25 Feb 1572      Garrett                                                       Temple
                                                                        d. 1620                                                                                                                              d. 20 Jun 1641
      ________________________________I_____________________                                             _______________________I_______
      I               I               I              I                I               I                  I                   I                                              I                I               I                 I               I
  Symon    Thomas     Alice      Henry       Hugh    Christian   Elizabeth    Richard                                  Gillian     William    William     Thomas     Elinor
c.31 May  c.21 Dec   c.25 Jan  c. 20 May   c.19 Feb   c. 28 Sep    c.26 Dec   c.16/19 May                               c.12 Aug    c.1 Feb   c.23 Aug     c.10 Nov    c. 21 Jul
   1590         1592        1595/6       1599         1603/4       1605/6          1608           1611                                        1599         1600/1        1601          1604          1611
d.1 May     d. 1680                                                                                                                                                                                             d. 1699    d. 30 Oct
   1657     m. 22 Nov                                                                                                                                                                                         m.17 Jan      1613
     I             1619                                                                                                                                                                                                 1635 
     I     Edith Keeping                                                                                                                                                                                 Margrett Miller
     I           d.1680                                                                                                                                                                                         c. 9 Oct 1606
     I               I_________________________________________________________________________________                                                     d. 1667
     I               I                    I                         I                       I                      I                       I                       I                                                         I
     I           male           Thomas               Henry                Ann                Marie            Elizabeth        Humphrey                                                  I
     I     1 Sep 1620     23 May 1625     14 Jan 1626/7     5 Apr 1629      10 May 1633       7 Oct 1637            1641                                                       I
     I                                                                                                                          m. 18 Feb 1657                                                                      I
     I                                                                                                                        William Bawdrick                                                                   I
     I                                                                                                                (father of Edith m. to John)                                                             I
     I                                                                                                                                     _______________________________________________I__________
     I____________________________________________                                                       I                     I                   I                    I                   I                  I
                I                     I                   I                        I                                                Tabitha        Elizabeth         male            Hester        Thomas          John
            Ruth               John            male               Tabitha                                        18 Dec 1836    7 Oct 1837   10 Jun 1841   10 Apr 1644   7 Apr 1645   16 Jan 1647
          13 Jan             24 Mar         16 Apr               12 Feb                                                                  d. 1639                              d. 1649         d. 1709
          1621/2               1624             1626                1631/2                                                                bur. 21 Jan                       bur. 15 Nov
                                 d. 1699
       m. 26 Sep        m. 11 Apr                                                                                                                                                                                           m.
            1653                1653
         Thomas          Susanna                                                                                                                                                                                                Edith
          Warne               Bull                                                                                                                                                                                                Bawdrick
                             14 Feb 1629

                                 d. 1710
                                       I                      I                     I                      I                         I                     I                      I
                                   Jane               John           Susannah         Thomas              Joshua           Martha           Martha                                                        
                                   6 Apr              17 Mar            27 Feb            28 Jun                6 Aug            24  Jun            21 Jul
                                    1655               1656                1659                1663                   1665               1669               1672
                                  d. 1690           d. 1721            d. 1725            d. 1735                                                           d. 1672
                                                                                                                                                                         bur. 16 Sep
                                                       m.                                         m.                       m.
                                                         Sarah                                    Jane                   Edith
                                                        d. 1711                                  d. 1743
                                                     see below                                    I
                                      _______________________________________I                  _____I_______________________________________________________________
                                      I                      I                      I                    I                   I                  I                    I                       I                  I                   I                I
                               Thomas           Charles              Ann              Jane          Thomas         John              Ann                Moses         Charles       William       Sarah
                            25 Mar 1704                                                 28 Jul 1711         1688       4 Apr 1697    31 Dec 1699     2 Feb 1702    3 Oct 1703   2 Sep 1705
                                d. 1771                                                                                                d. 1719          d. 1704             d. 1776        d. 1789
                                                                                                                                       bur. 13 Mar     bur. 9 Jun        bur. 9 Jan    bur. 9 Jan
                            m.                                                                                                                                                      m. 13 Feb
                         Honour Kitcher                                                                                                                                    Mary Fancy
                               d. 1775
               _____________I________                                                                    _______________________________________I
              I                                     I                                                                   I                             I                                      I
          Mary                               John                                                           Sarah                     John                             William
                                                                                                               13 May 1727           16 Apr 1729                    25 Aug 1732
                                                                                                                                          bur. 19 Nov 1732
        m.                                                                                                 m. 31 Jan 1752                                            ? m.
                                                                                                                                                                              Wimborne Minster
Thomas Whitcher                                                                                Michael Golden                                                  Hannah
                                                                                                               of Minstead
                                                                                                             bur. 6 Oct 1794
                                                                                                           of Bucklers Hard

JOHN 1624: Yeoman.
Wife SUSANNA BULL 1629: Daughter of Christopher Bull (c. 5 Apr 1601, Ringwood). Christopher son of Edmond b. 1570 Ringwood.
JOHN 1656: Carpenter.
JOSHUA 1665: Carpenter.
THOMAS 1604:
Wife MARGRETT MILLER: daughter of John.
THOMAS 1663: house carpenter. Will states he from Upper Kingstone, Ringwood.

                                         John                          m.                       Sarah Wiseman
                                 17 Mar 1656/7         17 Oct 1677                        1654
                                                                                                                d. 1711

                  I                            I                           I                          I                          I                            I                           I                          I
            John        Tabitha   Elizabeth

Precis'ed documents posted by Lou Hunter on the Clasby genforum.

will of Thomas Clasby of Stoborough, wareham Dorset 1780

to his brother john clasby of nth kingston dorset £30
to his brothers wife jane clasby £30
to his brothers daughter jane clasby £30
to his brother in law joseph balam of nth kingston £30
to his sister martha balam £30
to his sisters sons joseph and henry balam each £30
to his sisters daughter jane shepherd (nee balam), the wife of thomas shepherd £30
to the son of his deceased sister jane crumpler of stoborough(nee clasby) thomas crumpler £200
to the daughter of his deceased sister jane crumpler (nee clasby) Priscilla Spicer, wife of robert spicer £30
to his brother charles clasby of ryde , isle of wight £30
to the wife of his brother charles (unnamed)£30
to the sons of his brother charles; James , Thomas, and Henry clasby , to each £30
to the daughters of his brother charles Mary Clasby, Eleanor Clasby and Martha Groves, wife of benjamin groves of freshwater Isle of wight to each £30
He then appoints John Crumpler of Stoborough the son of his late sister Jane crumpler as his sole executor and bequeaths all the residue of his estate and property to him
signed in his own hand , Thomas Clasby
24 may 1780

settlement exam. William Clasby : Dorset 1760.Wimborne
Dorset : to whit The Examination of Wm. Clasby, Sawyer now dwelling at Wimborne Minster in the said county taken on Oath before ?us two officers? this 4th day of September 1760

Who saith he hath heard and believes he was born at Ringwood in the county of Southampton were his parents were then legally settled, that he has never lived out of the Parish of Ringwood afore ?(illegible)? now than half a year at a time as a covenant servant, that in Whitsunweek last he married Hannah, his present wife, and hath done no act or deed whereby to gain a subsequent settlement to his knowledge of belief.
subscribed and sworn the day and year ?(illegible)? written statement
X the mark of William Clasby
witnessed by
E. ?Ohearn?
J. Hanham

will of Thomas Clasby Poulner Ringwood Hants 1771
All freehold and personal estates I trust unto my good friends, my cousin Henry Rooke of Bistern Close in the New Forest (yeoman) and Thomas Perry of Poulner(yeoman) and to their heirs for them topay and apply the rents issues and profits of my freehold tenement at Gostlings Heath in Poulner, to and for the use of my beloved wife Honour Clasby for and during the term of her natural life, and to sell and dispose of my leasehold estates at Shobley and Lynford as best they can and apply the produce to the payment of my debts and funeral expences the over plus for the use and benefit of my aforesaid wife. If anything be remaining after her decease, it shall be divided between my grandchildren Thomas, Mary,, William and Charity Whitcher children of thomas Whitcher of North Bockhampton parish of Christchurch county Southampton (yeoman) and to my son John Clasby and his child or children, if he shall have any at my decease, equally share and share alike And on the decease of my wife I bequeath the aforesaidfreehold tenement at Gostlings Heath to my son John for the term of his natural life, and if he marryand leave issue lawfully begotten then to his heirs forever, but if not, after his decease, to my aforementioned grandchildren and their heirs forever. I now freely forgive Thomas Whitcher, the father of my grandchildren, £106 of the the £206 with interest that he owes me, the other £100 and the interest i give to his four children share and share alike. I give to my son John Clasby my clock and case. I give to my trustees Henry Rooke and Thomas Perry one guinea each for their troubleand empower them or their heirs to be reimbursed all expences. All the rest of my goods, chattles to my son John Clasby and my grandchildren equally, share and share alike etc etc. 28th june 1770
The mark of Thomas Clasby .. T
witnessed Peter Slann, Mary Slann, the mark of Mary Smith.. M

Nov 20th 1771 Henry Rooke and Thomas Perry executors were duly sworn to a faithfull execution of the above will before me.. John Mark

will of Thomas Clasby :of Rockford Ellingham Hants 1681
gives to daughter Ann Coles, wife of Humphrey Coles and to their daughter Elizabeth Coles ..£5 each.
to granddaughter Ann Coles £5 (already paid)
to granddaughter Edith Coles £5 (already paid)
to grandson Humpherey Coles £5 (already paid)
to grandson Thomas Coles, the Elder,... 5 shillings
to Thomas Clasby the son of John Clasby of Poulner.. 5 shillings
to daughter Elizabeth Bawdrick .. £5
granddaughter Elizabeth Bawdrick ...£10
granddaughter Edith Bawdrick ...£5
granddaughter Mary Bawdrick ...£5

He appoints his executors, daughters Anne Coles and Elizabeth Bawdrick to provide for his wife Edith Clasby
for her life and for her burial.
and appoints friends John Clasby an richard White to oversee this
signed 31 jan 1678
and in the one and thirtieth year of ye kings majesties reigne

the signe of Thomas Clasby
witnessed by Thomas Coles (his sign)
Joseph Coles
Probate granted May 1681
inventory taken by John Clasby and richard white of the goods of thomas clasbey
wearing apparel 40 shillings
tenement ..........40 shillings
due bond moneys £79
sum of £83

will of Thomas Clasby the Elder of Upper Kingstone, Ringwood, Hants
occupation House carpenter
all his tenement "wherein i now dwell" situated in upper kingston with all contents to his wife Jane for her life "if she keep herself a widow", after her decease, all to son Thomas Clasby and his heirs forever if he have any.. ; if not , all to son Charles Clasby and his heirs forever if he have any, and if not all to daughter Ann and her heirs forever.
That Son Thomas Clasby must pay to his sister Ann "the full sum of £10 in the three years following the death of their mother Jane and the same to his brother Charles, and if they do not survive to collect the legacy the money will be split between the survivors. if these legacies are not paid then Ann and charles shall inherit until such time as thomas can pay
To his son Charles Clasby all the new inclosure close by the tenement in upper kingston after the death of his mother jane
appoints Jane as sole executrix
signed 6th day of january in 6th year of the reign of George II
AD 1732
signed Thomas Clasby
the mark of charity elliott
john elliott jun.
john elliot

Probate 1735

Lease for a year  6M80/E/T181  1735
These documents are held at Hampshire Record Office
21 January 8 George II, 1734-5
(i) Thomas Clasby and Moses Clasby both of Poulner, carpenters; and Elizabeth Corbin of West parley, Dorset, widow
(ii) Thomas Chamberlaine of Poulner, malster
Messuage with outhouses, orchard, backside and garden belonging, and arable or pasture (4a.) in Holme Street, bounded by the Upper Close on the east side and a close now or late held by Thomas Lyne on the west side

Case for the opinion of counsel  6M80/E/T183  1773
These documents are held at Hampshire Record Office
Concerning the will of Thomas Clasby of Poulner, yeoman, dated 28 June 1770 and in particular concerning the estate of his son John Clasby in premises at Gostlings heath at Poulner
The opinion of J. Glynn is written below the statement of the case, 22 November 1773

Thomas Clasby of Poulner, yeoman, (counterpart)  6M80/E/B528  18 May 1753
These documents are held at Hampshire Record Office

[no title]  2667/1/28/62  1668
These documents are held at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Counterpart of lease: William Spencer of Ufton, Warwickshire, esq. son and heir of Thomas Spencer decd. to John Clasby, carpenter: land etc.: Poulner, Ringwood, Hampshire.

1461/762  24 Dec. 1731
These documents are held at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Parch. 1m. + Paper 3ff.
Lease (4 years) by Joshua Belbin of Ringwood (Hants) to Roger Taylor gardener of the same, of a dwelling house etc. in Ringwood (enclosures: an agreement dated 1 Feb. 1731 between Moses Clasbey and Roger Tayler, and two receipts for rent).

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle,
Monday September 12th 1842, page 4

Recommittal of William Davis -- The final examination the soldier William Davis, of the 6th Regiment, for shooting at, and killing, Stephen Clasby, the junior mate of the York, convict hulk, on the 2nd instants whilst on duty as guard at Haslar, took place on Thursday last, at the Town Hall, at Gosport, before Wm. Page, and E.P. Samuel, Esqrs. The evidence previously given against the prisoner was again read over and sworn to, and the following additional produced: -- James Cooper, an excavator, deposed that he was at work on the day of the unfortunate occurrence in a dirt barge, with other men, in Haslar Lake; that he saw the deceased who had charge over the men at work in the barge, as well as of the convicts, walking with his arms behind him in a direction towards the barge; that the prisoner was walking about with his hands folded, and his gun by his side; that he saw the prisoner point his gun and level it, and heard the report, and saw the deceased fall; that the deceased was walking in a sideway direction to the prisoner and quite slow at the time, and was about 25 yards from the prisoner; that the witness was about 100 yards from the deceased, and did not hear the prisoner call out at all before firing, and that from the situation he (witness) was in, if he had done so, he must have heard him; that after the deceased fell he (witness) got out of the barge. and ran to the
prisoner as quickly as possible and asked him why he had shot the deceased, to which he replied, I did not shoot him, but he shot himself '' that witness said "You did shoot him," and the prisoner then said I do not care, he was on my post;" that the corporal of the guard afterwards took the prisoner's gun away and examined it, and it proved to have been recently discharged; that the deceased when witness went to him, was lying on his right side, and witness lifted up his head twice and found he been shot through the left side of the head, and that the ball had passed out of the right side, and blood was flowing from both sides of the head, but mostly from the right. -- Dr. Richardson, Inspector of Haslar Hospital, proved that he was coming out of Haslar Gates and heard a person calling out that one of the guards had been shot by a soldier; that he went to the spot where deceased was lying, and found him quite dead; that there was a wound right through the deceased head, such as would be caused by a musket ball, and which was the consequence of the deceased death. -- Corporal Loftus, who placed the sentinels, swore that his orders from the keepers were not
to allow any convict to pass out field, or across the lake, unless accompanied by a keeper; that he repeated these instructions to the sentinels (Davis among the number) and added, "I also told the sentries, that if any convict attempted to make his escape, and persisted in so doing after being called to, they were to give an alarm and fire." The prisoner in his defence made a very incoherent statement, evidently indicating a disordered state of mind, pretending that on the morning of the day he was in bed in the barrack room, and other soldiers were also in bed in the room at the time; that it was about day light and he saw a convict and the deceased in the room; that the soldiers were afterwards called up by a sergeant to prepare for guard; that he found himself weak and wet in the morning, and blood was running down his trousers to his feet, and that he also found it so on the post he was stationed at, and that the two men assaulted him in the room in the morning. -- No evidence, medical or otherwise, was offered, shewing that the prisoner was previously incompetent to his duty, .although rumours are afloat that such was the case; that the man had been seriously affected by a coup de soliel (sic) while on his sixteen years service, and that he was regimentally understood to be fit for nothing more than a ram-rod sentry: if this be true, it will be elicited by the military commission now sitting. -- The Magistrates committed the prisoner for trial at the next Assizes for Manslaughter.