Once upon a time, in the town of Chepstow (which is just over the border into Monmouthsire), there lived a family with the surname of Harris.  This family has not proved the easiest to track so far. The first Mr. Harris on my family tree is now  JOHN and his wife JANE.  St Mary's Church, Chepstow registers three baptisms. - JOHN c. 2 Oct 1777, JAMES c. 7 Mar 1779 and GODFREY c. 26 Sep 1784.

Below is an entry for the shop from an early directory.

GEORGE married MARY HURCUM in Gloucester on the 20th January 1846.  They had ten children:

Anne Mary b. 4Q 1848
Sydney Buckland b. 24 Mar. 1851
Edgar b. 4Q 1852
Bertha Ellen  b. 1Q 1855
Bessie Mary. b. 4Q 1856
Fenton George b. 4Q 1858
Sarah Ann b. 1Q 1861
Kate b. abt. 1863
George Edwin b. 1864
Clara Agnes b. 1866

It is at Little River that he built
"Beaufort", a large, two storey
house on the hill. 
It was named after theSquare in
Chepstow where his family
resided and had the bakery.
The house is thought to have
been built in 1893.
It overlooks the easternend of
Little River and originally boasted
stables, a croquet lawn and rifle
The ceilings in the house were
very high, so most of the rooms
had a fireplace to heat the house
in winter.  It was the largest home
in Little River and stood in a very
prominent position.                                                     Sidney centre of three seated men.

A year after Sidney and Hannah arrived in New Zealand they had their first child.   They had twelve children in all.
Mary Bertha            b. 15 Aug. 1875
Blanche Hetty        b. 28 July, 1876
Sidney Thomas     b. 16 Sept. 1877
Fenton George      b. 19 Mar. 1879
Mary                          b. 27 Feb. 1881
Edith Annie             b. 1 Mar. 1883
Amy                          b. 30 June 1885
Clarabelle                b. 28 May 1887
Oliver George         b. 30 May 1889
Cluny                        b. 29 Jan. 1891
Maud                        b. 23 Dec. 1892
Edgar Gale              b. 10 Jan. 1897
The inscription on the tombstone reads: In Loving Memory of Sidney Buckland, beloved husband of Hannah Harris of Little River, N.Z., who died 23rd October 1908 aged 57 years. Thy will be done.
Sidney was about 5' 5" tall and in later life weighed about 17 stone, so was extremely barrel shaped.  He had dark auburn, bristly hair and a beard.  As he was a good singer, he was often asked to sing at weddings on the Penninsula.  He was a strict Victorian parent and it seemed that his children were scared of him as he also had quite a bad temper. 
Sidney was always honest in his business dealings and over the years he lived in Little River, bought a number of farmlets in the area.  He also had a leasehold property, Blue Duck Station, at Kaikoura, thought to be between 9,000 and 25,000 acres and the Glencoe and Hermitage Stations in North Canterbury.
Sidney always took a keen interest in Rifle shooting and for many years was a prominent member of the local Defence Club.  At several meetings of the N.Z Rifle Association he took a leading place, being an excellent shot.  In his private capacity he accompanied the Bisley Team to Gretna, Britain, on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (1897) and at the meeting shot remarkably well, getting a number of prizes.  Because of his shape he shot lying on his back with the rifle resting on his belly!
In 1890 he was elected to a seat on the Akaroa County Council, founded in 1876, and since that time took a prominent part in local affairs, representing the Akaroa couty on the Hospital Board and many other bodies.
Just before going on holiday to England with his wife and oldest daughter, Mary Bertha, he announced his intention of being a candidate for the Ellesmere seat in Parliament.
While on holiday, in his hometown, he died of a stroke and was buried there.  It is thought that his doctor had suggested the holiday for health reasons.

Mary Bertha

Chepstow Parish Church
with 100 yrs between photos.

Chepsow Castle and River

GODFREY was a blockmaker in Lower Church St. Chepstow.  He had a daughter JANE and a son, GEORGE, who, unlike his father, he was a baker and he lived and worked from 9 Beaufort Square.
Below you can see a recent photo of Beaufort Square and between the memorial and the left hand tree was No. 9. The bakery of yesteryears now has a shop named Victoria Wine, as also seen below.

I wonder if this was the era of
Chepstow when our first John
was around.

The River here has to be the Wye,
surely. I believe it creates the
boundary between Wales and

Dominating the picture is Chepstow

Chepstow Town Gate

A closer view of Chepstow Castle and ship loading?

Sidney Buckland Harris
Sidney Buckland Harris was born on the 24th March,1851 in Chepstow, on the border of Monmouthshire and England, but always considered himself Welsh.
In 1873 at the age of 21 Sydney met Hannah Gale at a church function. It was love at first sight and soon after they were married.
In 1874 they decided to start a new life in New Zealand after seeing an advertisement in the window of the general store.  On the 27th of June, 1874 they set sail for Lyttleton, NZ on the "Merope" and arrived at their destination on 27th September.

They lost three children at a young age and they are all buried in the same grave by St. Andrew's Anglican Church.  The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of Blanche Hetty who died May 16th 1879 aged 2 ½ years also Fenton George who died March 4th 1887 aged 7 ½ years.  Beloved children of Sidney and Hannah Harris. "Asleep in Jesus". Also Maud, yougest daughter, died February 10th 1894 aged 13 months.

The gravestone can be found at the bottom of the graveyard and is not tended, unlike the more recent ones closer to the church..

They started off in Cooptown, which is situated at the end of the valley at the head of Lake Forsythe, and at the foot of Bank's Penninsula.  Sydney went into business as a butcher and also opened a bakery.  He also went into saw-milling.  The valleys all around were forest clad with Totara, Matai and Kahikatea with tangled undergrowth and creepers.  On the valley floors, flax and toi toi fringed the stoney creeks which flowed down every valley.  The timber from the saw-mills built practically all the early public buildings in Christchurch.  At one stage Sydney owned a saw-mill up Weston Valley Rd. behind Little River.  He also purchased land at Little River and opened a General Store.
On 26th September 1889 S.B. Harris is recorded as having a fire.

Little River General Store
Butchery and Bakery
Zealandia Boots
(this is what was written on the side of the building)

Harris's Store

Hannah Harris, nee Gale.

                                                       John                  m.                Jane/Joan Pendry/Pondry
                                                    abt 1756       12 Jan 1777
                                                      Bristol           Tidenham
                                                     d. 1827
                                                  bur. 19 Mar
                                                                                                         all c. Chepstow
                I                             I                                I                            I                            I                                    I
             John                      James                      Richard                  William                   Godfrey                        Elizabeth
       c. 2 Oct 1777         c. 7 Mar 1779                                                                      c. 26 Sep 1784                 b. abt 1800
       d.                             see below                                                                            d. 2Q 1853                    d. 4Q 1837
                                                                                                                                   Chepstow                      Chepstow
                                                                                                                              bur. 8 May 1853              bur. 9 Nov 1837
                                                                                                                                   Chepstow                      Chepstow
                                                                                                                              m. 19 Feb 1808               m. 9 May 1816
                                                                                                                                   Chepstow                       Chepstow
                                                                                                                            Mary (Ann) Hopkin                John Hatton
                                                                                                                                                                         abt. 1773
                                                                                                                                           I                              d. 1848
                                                                                                                                           I                        bur. 4 Sep 1848
                                                                                                                                           I                            Chepstow
                                                                                                                                           I                            see below
                               I                          I                               I                             I                       
                           Jane                 John Evan                   George                   Richard            
                     26 Dec 1808        c. 14 Feb 1813           27 Jun 1819             27 Jun 1824         
                       Chepstow              Chepstow                 Chepstow                Chepstow           
                                                d. 26 Nov 1855         d. 26 Dec 1898                                    
                    m.                             m. 1838               m. 21 Jan 1846           m.                                    
                   Edward Young        Mary Ann Luff             Mary Hurcum              Matilda
                      see below              see below                                                abt 1827

                                                                                          I              m. 26 Apr 2Q 1868
                                                                                          I                     Chepstow
                                                                                          I                  Ann Woodgate (widow)               
           I                            I                              I                           I                             I                          I                          I                          I                         I                           I
  Anne Mary   Sydney Buckland            Edgar            Bertha Ellen        Bessie Mary    Fenton George     Sarah Ann              Kate          George Edwin    Clara Agnes
  b. 4Q 1848      b. 24 Mar. 1851        b. 7 Oct 1852     b. 22 Feb 1855     b. 11 Oct 1856     b. 1 Nov 1858       b. 1Q 1861        b. abt. 1863        b. 3Q 1864    b. 23 Nov 1866
                           c. 14 Apr 1851        c. 8 Oct 1852      c. 25 Mar 1855      c. 9 Nov 1856     c. 2 Jan 1859                                                                                    c. 21 Dec 1866
                                  Chepstow Wesleyan                          Chepstow Wesleyan           Chep. Wesleyan
                                d. 1908                                                 d. 1927                                                                         d. 1926
                             bur. 27 Oct                                          bur. 24 Jan                                                                    bur. 6 Mar
                                                                                          Tidenham                                                                    Tidenham
                         m.                                m. 1Q 1891                                       m. 4Q 1891        m. 3Q 1897                                                                                        m. 4Q 1890
                                                            Stourbridge                                                                   Worcester                                                                                        Stourbridge
                                                           Kate Guttery                                         Gardner        Helen Ranger                                                                                  William Rhodes
                                                                                                                                                        Ault                                                                                                 Skelding
                                                            b.                                                                                    b.                                                                                                       b.
                                                         Kidderminster                                                             Chatham, Kent                                                                               Brierley Hill, Staff

                                                                                                                        d. pre 1901
                                                                                                                                 I                          I                                                                                                          I
                                                                                                                     Harry Gordon      Horatio Eric                                                                                Claribel Maud Mary
                                                                                                                                                  c. 6 Feb 1901                                                                                        4Q 1891
                                                                                                                                                     Chepstow                                                                                       Trowbridge
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              m. 2Q 1921
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Robert White

ANN HARRIS abt 1826: 1841 - 15 yrs, dwelling with family.
ANNIE MARY HARRIS 1848: 1851 - 2 yrs, with Hurcum grandparents as mother has just had baby. 1861 - 12 years, with parents. 1871 - 22 yrs, with parents. 1881 - 27 living with aunt, uncle, (Oliver and Sarah MA Davies - nee Hurcum) and brother, Fenton, in Porthycarne St., Usk, Monmouth.
BERTHA ELLEN HARRIS 1855: 1861 - 6 years, with parents. 1871 - 16 yrs, with parents.  1881 - 22 yrs, confectioners shop assistant, visiting Lovegrove familly in Wells, Somerset.   1891 -                      1911 - 56 yrs, head of household, single, dealer and confectioner, dwelling 9 Banford Symour, ???? with sisters Bessie Mary Gardner (widowed), and Sarah Ann Harris as well as niece Clarabel Maud Mary Skelding aged 19. 10 roomed house.
Probate record. Harris Bertha Ellen of Avenue Lodge, Tidenham Chase, Gloucester, spinster, died 18 May 1927. Probate London 31 May to Harry Gordon Gardner, clerk. Effects £131.
BESSIE MARY HARRIS 1856: 1861 - 4 years, with parents.  1871 - 14 yrs, with parents.   1881 - 22 yrs, servant in household of John and Harriet Maynard in Regent House, Mill (or Hill) St., Wells, Somerset.   1891 - 31 yrs, outfitters assistant, living with elderly parents.      1911 - 54 yrs, widowed housekeeper for 2 unmarried sisters, along with son Harry.
CLARA AGNES HARRIS 1866:  1871 - 4 yrs, with family.  1901 - 33 yrs, dwelling 6 Duncombes St, Wollaston, Wor., with husband and only child, Claribel (9 yrs). 1911 - 43 yrs, with husband. Married 20 yrs and had one child only, who is still alive at this time.  In an 11 roomed house.
Husband WILLIAM RHODES SKELDING:  1901 - 40 yrs, auctioneer.   1911 - 51yrs, auctioneer and surveyor working on own account.
Probate record. Skelding - William Rhodes of The Chalet, Stanley Rd., Stourbridge, Wor. d. 26 Nov 1948. Probate Llandudno 14 March to Claribelle Maude Mary White (wife of Robert White) and Clara Agnes - widow. Effects £18577 7s 9d
CLARABEL(LE) MAUDE MARY SKELDING 1891:   1911 - 19 yrs, residing with three aunts.
Probate record.  White - Claribelle Maude Mary  of 93 Montpeller Rd., Brighton died 20 April 1965. Administrations Lewes 17 September to Robert White, retired master tailor. Effects £7503
EDGAR HARRIS 1852: 1861 - 8 years, with parents. 1871 - 19 yrs, pupil teacher in National School, with parents. 1881 -  28 yrs, Railway Clerk, dwelling as lodger at 28 Brook St., Stourbridge, Worcester.  1891 - 37 yrs, railway clerk, visitor (along with new wife) in Tucker household, 17 Lucius St, Tormoham, Devon.   1911 - 58 yrs, retired railway clerk, dwelling Woodcroft, Corser St., Old Swinford, Stourbridge, with wife of 20 years in a 6 roomed house. No offspring.
Wife KATE abt 1867: 1891 - 24 yrs.  1911 - 44 yrs.
ELIZABETH HARRIS abt 1800:  Spinster at time of marriage - both signed their names - lic.   From 1841 census and age at death it makes John over 20 years her senior.  I do note their must have been a baby on the way at the time of the marriage. Died aged 47 yrs.
Husband JOHN HATTON:  Bachelor at time of marriage - otp.  Publican or innkeeper at the time of all the children's baptisms.   1841 - 68 years, victualler, not born in Wales, dwelling Chepsow with son John and daughter Mary and her husband Walter plus 2 servants.  Died aged 75 yrs. dwelling St. Anns Lane at time of death - officiating minister John Cooke - curate.
FENTON GEORGE HARRIS 1858: 1861 - 3 years, with parents.  1871 - 12 yrs, with parents.   1881 - 22, bank clerk (serv) living with aunt, uncle, (Oliver and Sarah MA Davies - nee Hurcum) and sister in Porthycarne St., Usk, Monmouth.  1891 - 32 yrs, single, Land and Estate agent, surveyor and agent to Capital and ? Bank,  dwelling in Usk with a 38 yr old married servant.   1901 - M & R Estate Agent.
GEORGE HARRIS 1819: John in Parish register - mistake!! 1841 - ? 1851 - 30 yrs, dwelling Hawker Hill St., Chepstow with wife, son Sidney, a monthly nurse and an apprentice baker - older daughter A M Harris living with grandparents Isaac and Ann Hurcum.
1861 - 40 yrs, baker employing 1 man, dwelling Beaufort Sq with wife and 7 children along with 1 servant. 1871 - 52 yrs, baker employing 1 man and i boy, dwelling 9 Beaufort Square, with wife and 9 kids. 1881 - 61 yrs, baker, dwelling 9 Beaufort Sq., with wife, 3 children and 2 lodgers.    1891 - 71 yrs, butter? and flour dealer, dwelling 9 Beaufort Sq., with wife and 3 adult offspring and a lodger.
Probate record. 1899 of Beaufort Sq., Chepstow, Monmouthshire, baker, died 26. Dec. 1898. Probate London 25th Apr. to Bertha Ellen Harris, spinster. Effects £630.5s.9d.
Married by licence. Witnesses George Hurcum and Mary Jones. Vol 26 pg 57 1st Quarter
1881 - 9 Beaufort Sq. Only Sarah, Kate and George still at home, plus two boarders.
Wife MARY HURCUM: Daughter of Isaac Hurcum, butcher. 1871 - 51 yrs. 1881 - 60 yrs.  1891 - 69 yrs - deaf.
GEORGE EDWIN HARRIS 1864: 1871 - 6 yrs, with parents.   1881 - 14 yrs, baker, living with parents.    1891 - 25 yrs old, outfitter's assistant, living with parents.
GODFREY HARRIS 1784: 1808 - both single and able to sign their names at time of marriage - by license.  Witnesses Elizabeth Gardner and Orpheus Lewis.  1813 - blockmaker, dwelling Quay. 1819 and 1824 - blockmaker, dwelling Back.1835 Trade Directory: Under the heading BLOCK AND PUMP MAKERS: Godfrey Harris (Block maker), Lower Church St., Chepstow.
1841 - 40 yrs ! Blockmaker, dwelling Lower Church St with wife and son Richard and another Godfrey aged 6 yrs! (This is incorrect surname for him - he should be a Young).  1851 - 65 yrs, living alone in "new alms house" Chepstow.   Death reg Chepstow 11a 4. 2Q 1853. Died aged 67 - of New Alms House. Officiating vicar J B Gabriel M.A.
Wife Sarah Susanna Bradshaw: Daughter of William.
JAMES HARRIS 1779: 1841 - 65 yrs, fisherman, dwelling St Annes Lane with wife and 6 children - last ones possibly grandchildren.
Wife ELIZABETH abt 1791: 1841 - 50 yrs.
JAMES HARRIS abt 1831: 1841 - 10 yrs, dwelling with family.
JOHN HARRIS 1777: Died aged 73 yrs - from New Alms House.
This is the last Will and Testament of me, John Harris, of the town of Chepstow in the county of Monmouth, Blockmaker, whereby I give and bequeath unto my son, Godfrey Harris, all of my Stock in trade and Working tools used by me (or in the trade thereto belonging in the business of a Blockmaker);  all my Household Goods  and Furniture and Implements of Household I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of John Hatton, Victualler of the Butchers Arms in the said town of Chepstow; all the rest, residue and remainder of my Personal Estate and Effects of what nature or kind soever and wheresoever situate at the time of my decease and not hereinbefore by me Specifically disposed of I give and bequeath unto my sons, James, Richard, William and Godfrey and to my said daughter Elizabeth the wife of John Hatton aforesaid, equal Shares and proportions Subject nevertheless to the Payment of all my just debts, funeral expenses and the costs of proving this my Will.  And lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint the said Godfrey Harris and John Hatton herebefore described, Executors of this my Will hereby revoking all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.
In Witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this third day of September in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty two.
John Harris
Signed, Sealed, Published and declared by the said testator as and for his last Will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses.
Henry Hughes
Richard Reuben
Proved at London 21st July 1827 before the Judge by the oaths of Godfrey Harris the son and John Hatton the Executors to whom Admon was granted having been first Sworn (by Commission/July to Administer).
[Transcribed by Robert Childs]
JOHN HARRIS abt 1811:
KATE HARRIS abt 1863: 1871 - 8 yrs, with parents.    1881 - 18 yrs, shopwoman, living with parents.
RICHARD HARRIS 1824: 1841 - 15 yrs, smith, living with father Godfrey in Lower Church St., Chepstow. 1851 - 26 yrs, tinman, dwelling High St Chepstow with wife and visitor. Richard a 48 yr old broker at time of marriage to Ann Woodgate.
Wife MATILDA abt 1827: 1841 - 24 yrs.
Wife ANN WOODGATE nee JONES: Daughter of John Jones, carpenter. Married by license in Chepstow as a 61 yr old widow - 13 yrs Richards senior. Witnesses to marriage were Edward Davison and Mary Jones.
SAMUEL HARRIS abt 1826: 1841 - 15 yrs, dwelling with family.
SARAH ANN HARRIS 1861: 1851 - 3 months, weeks or days!, with parents. 1881 - 20 yrs, Dressmaker, living in family home.  1891 - 29 yrs, no occupation, living with elderly parents.   1911 - 50 yrs, single, book keeper living with two older sisters.
Probate record. Harris Sarah Ann of Avenue Lodge, Dennel Hill, Tidenham, Gloucester, spinster, died 2 March 1926. Probate London 30 October to Harry Gordon Gardner, commercial  clerk. Effects £131.
SIDNEY BUCKLAND HARRIS 1851: 1841 - just days old, with parents. 1851 - 10 years, with parents.  1871 - 20 yrs, unmarried Grocer and Baker, boarding 120 Bigbeth?, Birmingham.
Sawyer 1875. Storekeeper 1889.
Arrive in N.Z. 27th Sept.1874. Sailed back to England in 1908 with his wife,
Hannah, and oldest daughter, Bertie, and died of a stroke there.
Occupations: 1877 Sawyer. 1879 Bushman. 1881 & 1885 Baker. 1892 Storekeeper.
Spelt Sydney at birth.
1887-88 NZPO Dir. baker, Little River.
"Akaroa County Council: Those elected Nov. 1902 SBHarris. Councillor Sidney Buckland Harris was elected to represent Little River on the Akaroa County Council in Nov. 1899. Hr. Harris was born in 1851 at Chepstow, Monmouthshire. He sailed for NZ in 1874, landed in Lyttleton and immediately proceeded to Little River, where he still resides."
D. 4Q 1908 Chepstow 11a 2
Probate: Storekeeper, Little River, will filed Wgtn court, 26 Mar 1909.
SUSAN HARRIS abt 1821: 1841 - 20 yrs, dwelling with family.
WILLIAM HARRIS abt 1839: 1841 - 2 yrs, dwelling with family - possibly grandchild. 

                                                          Jane Harris                         m.                     Edward Young 
                                                        c. 26 Dec 1808                                                    abt 1810
                                                            Chepstow                                                       Chepstow
                                                           d. 1Q 1875                                                   d. 30 Oct 1883
                                                            Chepstow                                             Lawford St Philip, Bristol
                                                           bur. 23 Feb                                                  bur. 3 Nov 1883
                                                Chepstow Municipal Cem.                        Greenbank Cem, Eastville, Bristol

                         I                                                      I                                        I                                       I                                        I                                       I
            Godfrey Harris                                   Eliza                  Edward John Harris              Henry                            Thomas                         Mary A
                 abt 1833                                                                                                                    b. 4Q 1837                       b. 2Q 1840                   b. 1Q 1842
            c. 17 Mar 1833                           c. 15 Jun 1834               c. 29 Nov 1835           c. 24 Dec 1837

               d. 1Q 1916

        1.  m. 26 Nov 1858              2. m. 2Q 1873                                                                  m. 3 Apr 1866                  m. 3 Apr 1866
  St Philip & Jacob Bristol          Bedminster
  Sarah Susanna Bradshaw       Maria Starr                                                                    Ellenor Morris           Elizabeth Stockwell
                                                   b. Clevedon, Som
             d. 2Q 1868
                      I_______________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________________________________
                     I                                  I                                  I                               I                              I                            I                            I
      Anna Susanna         Ada Frances         Godfrey Harris             William                     Lily                     Rose                  Violet
            2Q 1856                    2Q 1860                10 Jun 1867
             Bristol                       Bristol                      Bristol
                                                                               d. 2Q 1945

                                                                           m. 13 Oct 1888
                                                                        Bristol Reg Office
                                                                        Florence Bridges
                                                                              b. 1Q 1872

                  I                                                   I                               I                                 I                           I                          I                            I
Godfrey Harris Edgar                        William             Ralph Stanley              Albert                Ernest             Winifred              Thomas
    b. 16 Aug 1889                              abt 1891                 1Q 1893                  abt 1895            abt 1896
    d. 16 Aug 1960
   int. 26 Aug 1960
     Canford Cem.
Beatrice Carpenter
        b. 2Q 1892
   d. 17 Feb 1964
  int. 21 Feb 1964
  Greenbank Cem

                            John (Evan)                        m.                      Mary Ann Luff

                                     Sidney Buckland Harris              m.           Hannah Gale

             I                          I                              I                               I                           I                         I                         I                            I                                   I                              I                            I                          I
Mary Bertha    Blanche Hetty   Sidney Thomas   Fenton George         Mary         Edith  Annie           Amy        Clarabelle Beatrice     Oliver George            Cluny                  Maud            Edgar Gale
   b. 15 Aug           b. 28 Jul              b. 16 Sept               b. 19 Mar           b. 27 Feb         b. 1 Mar          b. 30 Jun             b. 28 May                 b. 30 May              b. 29 Jan             b. 23 Dec          b. 10 Jan
       1875                  1876                       1877                      1879                     1881                1883                 1885                     1887                           1889                      1891                     1892                  1897    
   c. 31 Oct                                                                            c. 3 Nov            c. 25 Sep        c. 26 Aug         c. 27 Dec        c. 25 Mar 1888          c. 19 Mar 1890    c. 21 Feb 1892    c. 8 Oct 1893      c. 25 Apr
    d. 1961        d. 16 May 1879          d. 1959                    d. 1887              d. 1926            d. 1965             d. 1963                d. 1963                       d. 1960                                               d. 1894             d. 1974
Christchurch     Little River                                           Little River                                                                                                                                                                                           Little River
  m.                                                   m. 26 Mar 1915                                                        m.                       m.                                             m.                                  m.

Lara William                                Hannah Gertrude                                John Whittey                                                        William Fisher           Jessie Emms
    Besley                                               Emms                                                  Webb                                                                      Waller
          I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I
          I                                                                                                                                                                                                                                _____________
          I                                                  m.                                                                                                                                                                         I                             I
          I                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Clunie Oliver       Robin Keith
          I                                            Margaret Collins                                                                                                                                                     1916                     1917
          I                                               d. 9 Apr 1959                                                                                                                                             m.                         m.
          I                                                  Kaikoura                                                                                                                                               Doreen Stubbs   Colleen Shaw
          I                                                          I__________                                       I                                                                                  I                                  
          I_________________                                           I                                      I_____________                            ___________I________
               I                                 I                                          I                                       I                            I                           I                     I                      I
  Sidney Thomas    Samuel Escott              Sidney Buckland                   Molly            Jeanne Mary         Nancy           Betty             Joan
           1914                        1916                          b. 16 Oct 1916                                                  1914                    1908             1910              1914
                                                                                      d. 1975                          d. 1981                d.                        d. 1986
                                                                              m.                                                                                                   m.                                          m.
                                                                                  Betty Gray                                                                           Roland Edgar                  Malcolm Duncan
                                                                                                                                                                                        Baxter                                  Jones
                                                                                Susan Craig
                                                                                     d. 1985
                                                                             I                              I
                                                                        Fiona                   Michael
                                                                         1970                      1972

AMY 1885: Christened St Andrews, Little River by Walter F Knowles, curate.
BLANCHE HETTY 1876:  At the time of her baptism her father was a sawyer of Little River - sponsors were Henry Edward Tyson, Annie Powson and her mother. Died aged two and a half years.
CLARABELLE BEATRICE 1887: Christened St Andrews, Little River by Walter F Knowles, curate. Married William Fisher Waller, 40 yrs, bachelor, agent, b. ChCh., residing and usual residence ChCh., son of John Waller, formerly timber merchant (deceased) and Mary Ann nee Nelson. Clarabelle 20 yrs spinster, domestic duties, residing and usual residence Little River. Married at St Andrews, Little River by Rev. A Reginald S Holloway. Witnesses - Sidney Buckland Harris, farmer, Little River, Francis Dalziel Waller, Papanui Rd, teacher, and Amy Harris.
CLUNEY 1891: Christened St Andrews, Little River by PJ Cocks.
EDGAR GALE 1897: Christened St Andrews, Little River by P H Pritchett.
EDITH ANNIE 1883: Christened St Andrews, Little River by R F Garbett.
FENTON GEORGE 1879: Christened St Andrews, Little River by E H Wyatt.
MARY BERTHA 1875: Married Lara William Besley, 31, bachelor, baker, b. Bampton, Devon, residing and usual residence Little River, son of Samuel Besley (deceased) and Eleanor Escott. Mary Bertha 38 yrs, spinster, b. Little River, domestic duties. Married St Andrews, Little River by Rev. Bertram George Fox, by licence. Witnesses - S. Harris Storekeeper, Little River and Ann Harris. " Bertie" and "Ponty" lived most their married life at 163 Seaview Road, New Brighton and had a bakery at the back of the property that had access of the strret running parrallel to Seaview Rd.  She had a prolapse after the second son, Sam, was born, and, being a Christian Scientist, did not get this fixed.  In her last years she had diabetes and resided at Burwood Hospital.
MARY 1881: Christened St Andrews, Little River by E H Wyatt. Married John Whitby Webb, a 33 yr old widower, fruiterer, b. Lyttelton (son of John Richard Webb, grocer, and Anna nee Whitby) residing Lyttleton at time of marriage but usual residence Little River. Mary a 25 yr old spinster residing Little River (father a storekeeper at this stage). Witnesses - Sidney Buckland Harris, storekeeper, Sidney Thomas Harris, butcher, and Amy Harris - all of Little River. Married at St Andrews, Little River by Rev. A Reginald S Holloway. 
MAUD 1892: Christened St Andrews, Little River by Henry T Purchas.
OLIVER GEORGE 1889: Christened St Andrews, Little River by HJC Christchurch (Bishop Harper).
NZPO Directory 1921 - Oliver Harris, 615 Gloucester St., Christchurch.
SIDNEY BUCKLAND: 1875 - sawyer. 1879 - bushman. 1881 - 1888 baker.  1890 - 1897 storekeeper. Parents Sponsors at all christenings.
NZPO Directory - 1885-1886 - Sidney Harris, baker, Little River.
SIDNEY BUCKLAND 1916:  Sid and Betty lived in "Bloomfield" for a while until their house on the Esplanade was built in the 1950's.
SIDNEY THOMAS 1877:  At the time of his baptism, his father was a sawyer of Little River and the sponsors were his parents and H.W. Tyson. Managed his father's shop at Little River after his father's death - he would have been around 29 yrs of age at this time.  The business in Little River was sold circa 1914 and Sidney Thomas moved to Kaikoura where he bought a farm "Ludley". He ran sheep on this and it was sited just to the north of the golf course at Kaikoura. He later bought the farm in Grange Road north of Kaikoura, in the foothills which was a dairy farm.  Here he madee cheese from the milk from his herd and that of a neighbouring farm, and it is thought that the cheese may have been exported. He purchased the cheese making equipment from a factory that had closed down in Kaikoura and made the cheese at his farm.  He had to sell the farm during the Depression and bought the hardware shop and timbermill in Kaikoura.  Sidney and Gertie had one son, Sidney Buckland. Sidney and young Sid lived in the "Whitehouse" on the Espanade in Kaikoura.  After young Sid took over the business, Sidney retired to "Bloomfield", a well known Kaikoura house. He married Mrs Collins at this time.
NZPO Directory 1918 - Sidney T, ins agent and store, Little River.
NZPO Directory 1921 - Sydney, farmer, Hapuku.
Electoral Roll - Ellesmere - 1890, 1891, 1898, 1902, 1908, 1914 - Baker.
Electoral Roll - Kaikoura - 1914 - Farmer.
Wise's Directory - 1921 - Farmer.

Wife MARGARET COLLINS:  Died aged 81 yrs.

Hannah with Jake

Sidney Buckland




Hannah with Jake's wife Ellie


Beaufort  Square, Chepstow.

Chepstow Castle

Old Gateway, Chepstow.

Thank you Lynda Harris for sending these family photos.
                                                           James               m.           Elizabeth                      
                                                     c. 7 Mar 1779                         abt 1790
                                                         Chepstow                          Chepstow
           I                        I                            I                               I                               I
                                Susan                      Ann                       Samuel                      James
                              abt 1821                abt 1824                  abt 1826                    abt 1830

           I                      I
     Mary Ann          William
     abt 1836          abt 1839
    Chepstow         Chepstow

JAMES HARRIS 1779: 1841 - 65 yrs, Fisherman, dwelling St Anne Lane, Chepstow, with wife and presumeably 4 offspring and 2 grandchildren.  1851 - 75 yrs, no occupation stated, dwelling Back St, Chepstow with 2 grandchildren - wife must be away visiting.       
Wife ELIZABETH abt       1841 - 50 yrs.  ?????? 1861 - 71 yrs, washerwoman, dwelling St Anns Lane alone.
MARYANNE HARRIS abt 1834: 1841 - 5 yrs, with grandparents.    1851 - 18 yrs, living with grandfather and assumed younger brother.  
WILLIAM abt 1939:  1841 - 2 yrs, living with grandparents.
Akaroa Mail 28 Dec 1889
Akaroa Mail 8 Feb 1889
Akaroa Mail 13 Feb 1894
Akaroa Mail 2 Jan 1894      Pastoral
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                                                             Elizabeth Harris               m. 9 May 1816               John Hatton
                                                                b. abt 1800                      Chepstow                     abt. 1773
                                                                 Chepstow                                                   not Monmouthshire
                                                             bur. 9 Nov 1837                                                 bur. 4 Sep 1848
                                                                 Chepstow                                                          Chepstow
                         I                          I                           I                                  I                            I                            I                           I
                    Hannah               Elizabeth              Mary Ann                         Eliza                    Thomas                   John                    William
              c. 20 Oct 1816       b. Feb 1818        c. 14 Feb 1819             c. 20 May 1821       c. 15 Jun 1823       c. 10 Jul 1825      c. 17 Aug 1828
                  Chepstow            Chepstow             Chepstow                     Chepstow              Chepstow               Chepstow             Chepstow
                    d. 1816               d. 1818              d. 1Q 1892
                  Chepstow            Chepstow         Ross, Hereford
                 bur. 18 Dec         bur. 15 Feb
                                                                  m. 31 Oct 4Q 1839             m. 1Q 1841
                                                                    St James, Bristol                Chepstow
                                                                     Walter Gwatkin         Richard Whe(a)tstone
                                                                      c. 7 Feb 1813                    b. 1815
                                                                          d. 1843                    d. 21 Apr 1861
                                                                         Chepstow                 Hampton Bishop
                                                                        m. 4Q 1849             
                                                                    George Seaborn
                                                                    b.                                              I
                                                                      Coaley, Glouc.                         I
              _________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _I                                    I__________________
             I                              I                                  I                                    I                                 I
     John Hatton               Mary Ann                  William Hatton                       Julia                     Charles Hatton
        Gwatkin                  Gwatkin                        Seaborn                      Wheatstone                 Wheatstone
      b. 1Q 1840             b. 4Q 1841                19 Jul 3Q 1851                  b. 3Q 1842                  b. 3Q1846
   c. 10 Oct 1841        c. 10 Oct 1841
       Chepstow               Chepstow                     Chepstow               Fownhope, Hereford    Fownhope, Hereford
        d. 1919                                                   d. 1 Jun 1830                      d. 1933               d. 6 Feb 1Q 1904
   Golden Square                                                 Subiaco                                                            Hereford
Bendigo, Vict. Aust                                            W. Australia
   m.                                                                 m.                                 m.                               m. 1Q 1866
    Vict. Australia                                               Vict. Australia                                                      Hereford
   Evelyen Bryom                                               Agnes Carrie               William Watkins           Mary Ann Stowe
                                                                                                                                         Fownhope, Hereford
                                                                                                                                                d. 4Q 1933

                 ?                             I                               I                        I                         I                           I                             I                            I                           I                               I                          I                          I
        Richard T      Emily Susanna C        Charles            Henry        Capel William         Ernest           Beatrice Mary           Linda        Frederick Percy           Cecil            Elsie Irene            2 more
         2Q 1866                1Q 1868                 1Q 1870          2Q 1872            2Q 1874            1Q 1878               4Q 1980              4Q 1883             4Q 1884                1Q 1886            2Q 1888
      Fownhope          Fownhope             Fownhope     Fownhope      Fownhope       Fownhope         Fownhope         Fownhope   Hampton Bishop           Hampton Bishop            both d. pre 1911
      d. 2Q 1866            d. 2Q 1897                                                                 d. 3Q 1904        d. 3Q 1829                                                                   d. 4Q 1965         d. 11 Jun 1933
        Hereford              Hereford                                                                    Hereford           Hereford                                                                  Coventry, War          Hereford
                                                                                               m. 3Q 1893                                                               m. 3Q 1903         m. 2Q 1914       m. 3Q 1911            m. 2Q 1922     m. 4Q 1915
                                                                                                Hereford                                                                    Hereford             Hereford           Hereford                Hereford        Hereford
                                                                                            Rose Hannah                                                            Percy White              Hall          Ada A Moreton           Edna May      William G
                                                                                                Garstone                                                                                                                                                              Thomas           Goode

BEATRICE MARY WHEATSTONE 1870:  1881 - 5 mths, with family.  1891 - 10 yrs, with family.  1901 - 21 yrs, no occupation, living with family.  1911 - 31 yrs. married with a 5 year old daughter, Phyliss EugineWhite aged 5, mother's help (married 8 yrs - one child only).
CAPEL WILLIAM WHEATSTONE 1874:  1881 - 7 yrs, with family.  1891 - 16 yrs, apprentice in Huff family, Fownhope. 1901 - 26 yrs, no occupation, living with family.   Died aged 30 yrs.
CECIL WHEATSTONE 1886:   1891 - 5 yrs, with family.  1901 - 15 yrs, body maker apprentice, living with family.   1911 - 27 yrs, single, caretaker, living at the inn with widowed mother and 2 siblings.  Died aged 47 yrs. Effects £411 18s 9d to widow Edna May.
CHARLES HATTON WHEATSTONE 1846:  1881 - 34 yrs, carpenter, dwelling Village of Fownhope, Hereford with wife and 6 children.  1891 - 44 yrs, licensed victualler and carpenter, "Bunch of Carrots", Hampton Bishop, with wife, 8 offspring and niece Annie Evan (19 of Newport), also one servant and a lodger.  1901 - 55 yrs, innkeeper, dwelling "Carrots" Hampton Bishop, with wife, 6 offspring and a domestic servant.    Died aged 57 yrs.
Probate: WHEATSTONE Charles Hatton of the "Bunches of Carrots" Inn. Hampton Bishop. Hereford, innkeeper, died 6 February 1904. Probate Hereford 8 Apr to Albert Stone builder and Henry Theophilus Taylor farmer, Effects £1255 0s 2d.
Wife MARY ANN STOWE: 1881 - 32 yrs.   1891 - 52 yrs.  1911 - 62 yrs, widow, innkeeper, dwelling "The Bunches of Carrots" Hampton Bishop (near Hereford), with 3 adult offsping (Beatrice, Linda and Cecil), a grandaughter, 1 domestic servant, a general workman and a visitor.  At this time she had been married 45 yrs and had 13 children of only 7 are left living. The Inn has 10 rooms.   Died aged 85 yrs.
CHARLES WHEATSTONE 1870:  1881 - 11 yrs, with family.
ELIZABETH HARRIS abt 1800:  Spinster at time of marriage - both signed their names - lic.   From 1841 census and age at death it makes John over 20 years her senior.  I do note their must have been a baby on the way at the time of the marriage. Died aged 47 yrs.
Husband JOHN HATTON:  Bachelor at time of marriage - otp.  Publican or innkeeper living "Back" at the time of all the children's baptisms.   1841 - 68 years, victualler, not born in Monmouthshire, dwelling Chepstow with son John and daughter Mary and her husband Walter plus 2 servants.  Died aged 75 yrs. dwelling St. Anns Lane at time of death - officiating minister John Cooke - curate.
ELIZABETH HATTON 1818: Died aged 1 day.
ELIZA HATTON 1821: Minor at time of marriage, daughter of John, publican (witness) - by lic. - illiterate.  1861 - Hampton Bishop, Hereford
Husband RICHARD WHETSTONE 1815:  Son of Richard (barge owner). Widower at time of marriage to Eliza - illiterate.

ELSIE IRENE WHEATSTONE 1888:   1891 - 3 yrs, with family.  1901 - 11 yrs, living with family.
EMILY SUSANNA C WHEATSTONE 1868:  1881 - 13 yrs, with parents.  1891 - 20 yrs, barmaid, living at home.   Died aged 29 yrs.
ERNEST WHEATSTONE 1878:  1881 - 3 yrs, with family.    1891 - 13 yrs, with family.  Died aged 51 yrs.
FREDERICK PERCY WHEATSTONE 1884:  1891 - 6 yrs, with family.  1901 - 17 yrs, coach painter apprentice, living with family.  1911 - boarder, coach painter, dwelling 67 King Richard St., Coventry, War.   Died aged 81 yrs.
HANNAH HATTON 1816: Died aged 12 weeks.
HENRY WHEATSTONE 1872:  1881 - 9 yrs, with family.  1891 - 19 yrs, ironmongers assistant, with family.
JOHN HATTON 1825:  1841 - 15 yrs, clerk living with widowed father, sister and brother-in-law.  1851 - 25 yrs, annuitant, dwelling with sister Mary Ann and her second husband and family in St Anns Lane, Chepstow.
LINDA WHEATSTONE 1883:   1891 - 7 yrs, with family. 1901 - 18 yrs, no occupation, living with family.  1911 - 27 yrs, single, barmaid, living at the inn with widowed mother and 2 siblings.
MARY ANN HATTON 1819:   First marriage - aged 21 yrs. 1841 20 yrs, living with husband and widowed father. 1851 - 32 yrs, with new husband, her Gwatkin kids, brother John and 9 lodgers.   Died aged 72 yrs.
Husband WALTER GWATKIN:    Son of Walter (joiner dwelling Quay at time of Walter's birth) and Margaret.  Marriage - aged 26 yrs.  Painter dwelling Back Oct 1841.
Husband GEORGE SEABORN:  Son of John and Hannah.   1851 - 25 yrs, Victualler, dwelling St Anns Lane (Old England), Chepstow, with wife, 2 Gwatkin step children, wife's brother John and 9 lodgers.