I love these exercises and I found my students did too and would work their butts off to get onto the next book after they learnt all the words from the first one. When I say book, I would make one up with 3 to 5 lists and each book would have a different coloured front page. Always start with one the children are going to be able to complete without too much difficulty so they achieve success. Then progress from there.

It is important to read the words through with the child first, note patterns in the word lists and discuss unfamiliar words.
Try to use some of these words in conversation thoughout the coming days as well.

Note that this is an Australian resource - hence words like jarrah and karri (as opposed to our kauri). Also it has been around for a long time and there are words we no longer use.

Each list consists of three pages - first unjumbling list words, antonyms, synomyns and homonyms, second is a word search and last a crossword.
Encourage (I insisted) use of capital letters for crosswords.

Below is a sample but will place others below that you can right click on and save to your computer then print.  They are a lot clearer than pics below indicate.


Word "soup" missing.